Corona-Virus Infos (English)

Dear sex workers *,


today, we give you some important informations regarding the Corona Virus Crisis.

Two weeks ago bars and brothels in Berlin had to close due to Corona. These closings will last for the following next weeks. The basis for this is the Infection Protection Act.

Additional decrees have taken place and any offence against them will be heavily fined.

Any form of personal sex for money, including massages and tantra are prohibited (Section 2 (1) IfSG). Anyone who still offers this can be fined between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. Those who offend against it more often can even be arrested. Telephone, video or chat sex and the sending of socks and underwear are still allowed.

Futuremore, all people are required to stay at home and are only allowed to leav the house in urgent and essential circumstances: such as  shopping for basic necessities,  doctor consultation, pharmacy or walks in the living area (Section 17 (1) IfSG). Those who are cought outside without any of those reasons can be fined between 250 and 2,500 euros.

All of these are extreme serious and frightening restriction. But we have to go through this time together to contain and fight the spread of Corona Virus ,The older, sick people and costumers ar particularly at risk, therefore, you should protect yourself thus protecting others.

There are various help offers in this situation that we ar facing now:

subway ( prepares daily food packages and on Fridays additional food provisions for sex workers* in need.

There are emergency accommodations for homeless people, including sex workers * .

You can find more information at

There is financial aid for registered sex workers *.

You can find more information at

You can get advice from SMART-berlin on phone (030) 235 20 281, personally on Tuesdays from 17:00 -21:00 h Address: Kirchbachstr 5, 10783 Berlin, and by email:

Best regards



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